Dysport, a wrinkle treatment similar to Botox, was the second injectable botulinum-based wrinkle treatment in the United States, gaining FDA approval in 2009.  Dysport and Botox are both forms of Botulinum type A, and thus have the same mechanism of action, benefits in terms of treatment effectiveness, as well as similar risks.  Both are extremely safe products.

The best way to think of Disport (as well as other botulinum toxin products that have or are entering the cosmetic wrinkle market) is that it is a different brand by a different company that works by and large the exact same way.  It’s Coke vs Pepsi, Cadillac vs Lexus, or  Mac vs PC.   The similarities far out number any differences and the decision on which product to use comes down to price point and personal preference.  As competitors, one company will sometimes have a special promotion and a lower price than the other and it is never a bad idea to take advantage of these promotions.  At Ideal Dermatology, we like to price similar products about the same so that cost is not the issue in selecting the best product for you.